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Nail Fungus No More

Review Summary
Nail Fungus No More is 100% Certified Organic and users claim to see big results fairly quickly compared to some other treatments.
The active ingredients in Nail Fungus No More are essentially the same as in many other natural anti-fungal treatments but there are is at least one less active ingredient than most other products.
   4.3 / 5

What People Are Saying

"It really did an amazing job to get rid of my toenail fungus. My nails had turned a greeny/black color, and after only a week, the fungus is going away..."

"Thanks for a wonderful product that delivers what it says it will do. Keep up the good work. This stuff is amazing."

Who Is It For?

Nail Fungus No More is for anyone with mild to severe fingernail or toenail fungus who does not want to use any pharmaceutical drugs but wants to get rid of the infection.


Nail fungus No More is made by Forces of Nature, Inc. They use the power of 100% Organic Medicinal plants and therapeutic essential oils to create healing formulas for many ailments. This nail fungus treatment is claimed by many users to be an effective topical anti-fungus treatment.

The medicinal plant extracts in this product which are called phenolproponoids and aldehydes, provide therapeutic effect against nail fungus. They are designed to eliminate the infection and restore the normal color of the nail.

Independent published medical trials conducted in the United States and in Europe show that the extracts in Nail Fungus No More safely and effectively kill nail fungus on contact with no incidence of relapse. The product has a 60 day guarantee and does not require a prescription.


The Nail Fungus No More product seems to be very similar to other all natural products with similar active ingredients. Test results showed similar results as those using other all natural products.

The active ingredients in Nail Fungus No More are Tea Tree Oil, Thyme Oil, and Clove Oil in a Sesame Oil base. They add Geranium Oil to the product to create their "Extra Strength" product.

If you want a product that is all natural and for some reason don't get results with ZetaClear (which is very rare) this is the second recommended product, second only to ZetaClear. Fungisil worked better for those testing it but Fungisil has pharmaceutical ingredients which some people try to avoid.

The guarantee from Forces of Nature is a full refund for what you paid for the product if returned within 60 days.

The problem we found with Nail Fungus No More is not as much with the product or the results as with the sales strategies and claims. There is no "cure" for nail fungus that works in a matter of a few days as they claim on their website. Sure, when you start using it regularly you will notice a difference than before you were treating the problem but that is the case with any product.

One problem with this product is that there are no specials buys on their website, but rather numerous "upsells". They try to get you hooked on their product being cheaper than others and then when you go to buy it are sent to "upsell" extra strength products and cleansing soaps and fungal cleanses.

Sure, we understand that when you buy a hamburger at the fast food place they ask "do you want fries with that?" in order to enhance your meal experience. But they don't tell you how wonderful the hamburger is until you start to pay and then tell you that it really won't fill you up unless you also get other things with it.

The website seems to imply that in order to work you have to first wash with their special anti-fungal soap as if washing well with regular soap and then treating your nails with the anti-fungal Nail Fungus No More isn't good enough.

Overall the product did get on the winners platform with a bronze metal so it isn't one of the weaker, "waste your money" products out there. But it does pale in comparison to the results we saw when testing the Gold and Silver place winner products.